Finding Relaxation with the Alpha Level

 Enter Alpha Level


ENTER ALPHA Getting to the Alpha level is not as hard as it seems. We get a lot of questions about how to enter the Alpha level of mind and how to relax physically and mentally and I bet you also have the same question.

Just by relaxing for fifteen minutes each day at alpha, you will strengthen your immune mechanism so that you will be much more resistant to illness and health problems.

When you learn to function at the alpha brain wave level you also learn to apply mental techniques and correct problems to reach your goals.

How to Enter Alpha Level

Our standard way or relaxing and entering the alpha dimension is to associate number with the desired states. Number 6 is the outer conscious level, number 5 is eyelid fatigue, number 4 is eyes closed and ready to relax, number 3 is the physical relaxation, number 2 is mental relaxation, and number 1 is the basic plane level that you can learn to use for a purpose, any purpose you desire.

In order to gain the continual experience of deepening, level-of-mindwe can practice the countdown deepening exercises. By counting backwards from 100 to 1, or 50 to 1, or 25 to 1, your mind will adjust to a deeper, healthier level of mind.

“Deeper” does not refer to brain frequencies. We say “lower” when we refer to slower frequencies. In fact, when you reach a “deeper” level of mind, you are more aware, you have a heightened sense of awareness.

The Scale of Brain Evolution Chart is set up in a vertical fashion, because it had to be set up some way. But you notice we say that you go “into” (not down to) level, and come “out of” (not up from) level.

You can slow your brain wave pattern to frequencies lower than alpha. The Hand Levitation technique is designed for just this purpose. But when you become mentally active, your brain will adjust back to the ten cycle frequency range. You can control all of the functions of the theta part of the brain while you function at alpha, provided that you have practiced Hand Levitation so that the channels to theta are open.

Thus far, we have talked only about the brain. And you noticed we have talked about going to “lower” frequencies, when the brain pulses more slowly.

Now for deeper

Deeper relates only to the mind. There is no physical measurement of any kind to indicate that you are going to “deeper levels of mind.”

The mind is not physical; your mind does not emit any kind of physical energy. Your brain transmits a physical energy that can be measured with an electroencephalograph (EEG), but since your mind is totally in the subjective dimension, there is no physical energy associated with it. Of course, you can use your mind to influence the physical dimension, so you can detect, with your physical senses, the results of using your mind. But you can not detect the mind directly with physical senses.

You can, however, sense a mind … with another mind. You can use your mind to sense information from another person’s mind. Remember what we say, that every time you use a mental training exercise, you go deeper than ever before. This means to a deeper level of mind. In other words, you are making more use of your mind. And you use your mind most effectively when your brain is functioning at the alpha dimension, at ten cycles per second brain frequency.

“You are now learning to use more of your mind, and to use it in a special manner,” means that you are going deeper (to a deeper level of mind while your brain stays at the alpha dimension to receive the information detected by the mind) and you are using your mind to obtain information and create solutions.

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