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Omharmonics Meditation Technology

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Q. "How exactly can Omharmonics help me meditate better?"
A. First you need to understand what goes on in your brain when you meditate. You see when you sit down to meditate, your brain waves shift and you enter a deeper level of consciousness. For most people this is the Alpha level.
The biggest challenge we face when meditating is staying in the Alpha level long enough to 
experience the benefits of meditation. 
The result is distractions like mental chatter. Lack of focus. Physical restlessness.
Some people spend countless hours of practice and thousands of dollars on meditation coaches trying to overcome these challenges - but Omharmonics uses a next-generation version of binaural beats to guide your brainwaves into Alpha, and keep you there for as long as you want to.
All you need to do is press play, relax, and the audio works automatically in a matter of minutes. 
Omharmonics makes meditation as easy as breathing, and it's the perfect shortcut to meditating 
like a zen monk, without having to shave your head and live in a cave.
Q. "How is Omharmonics different from other meditation audios in the market?"
A. We're really glad you asked this question. You see even though Omharmonics is based on binaural beats, which you've probably seen in many meditation audios out there, it's the way we evolve this technology that makes ours different.
Omharmonics takes binaural beats to the next level in 3 unique ways:
1) We synchronize your mind, body and soul, and get you into the optimal meditative zone with NeuralSync Technology. The key lies in an innovative blend of binaural beats, audible heart beats and breathing sounds.
2) We help you enter Alpha in minutes through Intelligent Guided Flow Technology, which aligns itself with your brainwaves and gives you instantly immersive and resistance-free meditation.
3) We make your meditation orgasmic with Mind Tunes. Unlike other meditation audios that use sometimes unpleasant sounds, we infuse consciousness engineering technology into beautifully arranged tunes. The result is an awesome listening experience that makes meditation the highlight of your day.
The bottom line here is results. Omharmonics is designed to give you a faster, easier and more enjoyable solution to deep meditation - without the mind chatter, falling asleep or lack of focus.

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