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Jose Silva Founder of The Silva Method

Jose Silva

Founder of The Silva Method

Jose Silva was born in Laredo, TX, on the border of Mexico, on Aug. 11, 1914. A self-educated man, never attended school a day in his life, yet developed the most revolutionary educational program of modern times.

His father died when he was four years old and when he was six he helped support his family and let his brothers and sisters teach him what they were learning in school. After starting his business career at the tender age of six, this self-educated man would eventually work his way up and becomes a well-respected businessman, establish an electronics training school in his hometown Community College, design and receive patents for several biofeedback instruments, and wrote over a dozen books that would reach thousands worldwide.

By the time he was a teenager he was already a successful businessman. He got in on the ground floor of radio when he borrowed and studied a correspondence course from his barber, and eventually developed the largest electronics repair business in South Texas.

In 1944, married and at the age of 30, he began to study psychology in an effort to find ways to help his children do better in school. Silva spent over 20 years studying great minds, researching the human condition, and developing his Method. His study of Psychology led him to hypnosis, which led him to meditation. As a result of this unexpected turn of events, he began to research metaphysics. Eventually, Silva developed a method that could teach anyone how to develop their own intuition.


Jose Silva in his libraryIn 1966 The Silva Method made its way to the public eye. Word of his activities soon spread beyond Laredo where he was teaching his method to more than 100 people every week. Soon after, he was asked to teach groups who were willing to pay him for his knowledge. Thus at the age of 52 Silva began the work that would make him famous throughout the world. In fact, he has been called the most famous Laredo resident of all time. After a couple of years of teaching the method throughout Texas, Silva began to train other instructors to do the same throughout the world.

During his lifetime, Jose Silva was a businessman, athlete, artist, singer, educator, philosopher, the world's leading scientist in the field of the mind and human potential, and the founder of the world's number one mind development program.

Silva was the leader in the mind development field. He spent his entire lifetime developing his creative and intuitive abilities and teaching others to find their own abilities within themselves. The Silva Mind Control Method was the first program in history to teach people how to actually control their own minds for better health, faster learning, greater creativity, and for the development of their psychic ability.

Many programs have followed, drawing from Jose Silva's 22 years of research. Now doctors like cancer specialist Dr. O. Carl Simonton, who studied with Jose Silva, teach patients how to use visualization and imagination in treating cancer. Professional artists, sculptors, athletes, business executives, scientists and people from all walks of life have benefited from the program. The greatest contribution of the Silva Method is in teaching people how to actually develop and use their intuition to get information and correct problems.



Silva is the author of numerous books that have been translated into more than two dozen foreign languages. Some of his books are The Silva Mind Control Method, published by Simon and Schuster in 1977, Sales Power, the Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals, published by Putnam in 1992, The Silva Mind Control for Business Managers, published by Prentice Hall, The Silva Mind Control Method for Getting Help From Your Other Side, published by Pocket Books, You the Healer, published by Kramer, and The Silva Method: Think and Grow Fit by Career Press. He also came to hold several patents; including one which was the first patent ever issued that states that, "Human concentration turns on an educational device."

Today his life's work is being presented in over 30 languages in 111 countries. Silva served as Chairman of the Board of The Silva Method up until 1999, when he passed away peacefully in his home.

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Robert Stiller“Green Mountain Coffee CEO offers Silva to employees”

“By  offering the Silva Method to (our) employees we provide an opportunity to experience for themselves the power of the mind… Experiencing the Silva techniques, rather than just hearing people talk about it, is very powerful. It’s like the difference between seeing a travelogue about the Grand Canyon and personally standing on the edge of it… Silva demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do.” ~ Robert Stiller, President and CEO of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Forbes Magazine 2001 Entrepreneur of the Year.

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